Innovations in Marine Engineering: Petec Services’ New DS-Series Dewatering Screen

Efficiency is paramount in the fishing industry, and Petec Services is committed to delivering innovative solutions. In this article, we introduce the DS-Series Dewatering Screen and how it revolutionizes the  dewatering process, enhancing efficiency for fishing vessels.

  1. Enhanced Water Removal: The DS-Series Dewatering Screen is designed to efficiently remove water from ensuring a dry and easy-to-handle catch. The screen’s advanced technology optimises dewatering so that higher pumping rates is achievable and thereby preserving catch quality.
  2. Customisable Design: Petec Services understands that different fishing operations have unique requirements. The DS-Series Dewatering Screen can be customised to suit specific vessel sizes, catch volumes and species, offering versatility for diverse fishing fleets.
  3. Robust and Durable Build: Constructed with marine-grade materials, the dewatering screen withstands harsh marine environments, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.
  4. Improved Catch Handling: By removing excess water efficiently, the dewatering screen simplifies catch handling and processing, streamlining onboard operations and reducing turnaround time.
  5. Eco-Friendly Features: The DS-Series Dewatering Screen contributes to sustainability efforts by optimising catch handling and reducing onboard waste, aligning with Petec Services’ commitment to eco-friendly marine practices.
  6. With an innovative, integrated quick coupling system, excess fish can be efficiently pumped to nearby vessels hereby reducing wastage.

In conclusion, Petec Services’ DS-Series Dewatering Screen is a game-changer in the fishing industry. With its water removal capabilities, customisable design, durability, improved catch handling, and eco-friendly features, it empowers fishing vessels to maximise efficiency and productivity and reduce wastage.

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